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Our Vision

To create the world’s most compelling company of assessing people’s skills and help them transform their potential. Every person can find the best job now and the way to grow for a better one in the future.

Our Mission

To accelerate the growth of people into jobs where they are happy and well-paid, while enabling organisations to find easier the precise skills they need. We achive this by developing learning, measurement and recruitment tools and services.

Our Values

  • We are all equally important for the mission we are implementing. There is no place for big egos in our team.
  • For our clients, we are valuable partners and colleagues, even friends, and they listen to us as much as we listen to them. Our clients  treat us with the same respect we have for them. We do not work for clients having a „I am the client therefore I know better” attitude.
  • We do not do outsourced, low-value tasks. We have expertise, methodology and smart people to conceive, define, implement, validate and deliver complex projects end-to-end.
  • We are grown ups, accountable of our work. We thrieve to deliver on our promises and to do what we said we will do, even when things become different than planned along the way.
  • We succeed or we fail as a team, and we preffer to succeed. Therefore we support any colleague who needs help at any time, because his work is as important as ours.
  • We do quality. We know that the perfect world where we have illimited time to make perfect products doesn’t exist yet, therefore we need to be pragmatic but proud of what we deliver.
  • We are life-long learners. Learning is integrated at every stage of our way of working, encouraged and promoted. Many of our colleagues started at us on a different position and evolved as they learned.