Lead Developer

We are a company specialized in software and business solutions for organizations promoting education and skill growth for tomorrow´s workforce.

We work closely with partners from USA and EU to conceive, implement and support platforms and products enabling learning, soft skills and language assessments, recruitment, and related ecommerce.

Our work impacts thousands of organisations and millions of candidates worldwide each year. We are passionate about using technology in the service of education.

We are committed to advancing education through software. By working with us, you can grow professionally while helping others learn.

In order to support our growth and that of our customers, we are looking for a talented Lead Developer.


Must-haves (you need to be pretty good in these areas):

  • Previous experience as lead developer / technical lead / technical team leader.
  • Excellent communication and cooperation skills with a very good level of English (CEFRL C1) both spoken and written.
  • Passion for writing well-structured and easily maintainable code.
  • Natural strive for continuous improvement.
  • Strong technical ownership of products being developed.
  • Strong knowledge of relational (such as MySQL/PostgresQL) and nonrelational databases (such as MongoDb), modern backend (TypeScript/NestJS/Node.js/TypeORM), frontend (TypeScript/React)
  • Automated testing experience (such as Jest / Cypress)
  • Knowledge of modern tooling (Jenkins, Google Cloud/AWS Cloud, CI/CD) and practices (Clean Code, TDD, pair programming)


  • Previous experience with agile methodologies, embracing the agile mindset
  • Experience with large projects in international context – distributed teams
  • Atlassian Jira and Confluence

What you are going to do:

  • Manage a new web project from a technical perspective, from the early phases, for an international recruitment company headquartered in Paris
  • Build a new Team of 5-6 developers (with a dedicated, experienced recruiter)
  • Support, coach and develop skills of team members
  • Develop and technically own a new backend (TypeScript/NestJS/Node.js) and frontend (TypeScript/React) solution hosted in the Cloud
  • Build and maintain technical backlog together with the team. Communicate it clearly to Product Owner to help him effectively prioritize tasks.
  • Propose and/or support technical improvements/modernizations like migrations, refactoring, performance/cost optimization
  • Collaborate with EDIS’ CTO to validate technical solutions
  • Collaborate with some other of the client’s providers to establish architecture and communication flows between the new platform and the existing IT platform

You will fit right in if you are:

  • A well-balanced individual who can walk the line between “getting things done fast” and “getting things done flawlessly”
  • Willing to learn as much as possible about the client´s business and challenges, in order to work with them as a single team with a unique, shared objective: build a successful product
  • Accountable for your work and the work of the team you manage

Why you should work with us:

  • Our job is fully remote, although some meetings in our Bucharest office will be necessary.
  • You will work in a multicultural international environment.
  • The salary will match your experience and skills.
  • You will have private medical coverage and meal vouchers.

Let’s do meaningful things together!

You can send your resume at hr@edisolutions.ro