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We are specialized in the educational field

We are different from similar software companies because our projects are not about outsourced programming based on given requirements from a client abroad.

We are specialized in the educational, skill development & measurement field and we are part of a family of organizations promoting education and personal development. We know about digital learning and assessment products and platforms as much as our clients. They share with us their business direction and objectives, then we are working together as a team to conceive, design, specify, implement, adjust, validate and bring to life the solution that will enable the new business.

Before creating EDIS in 2017, our CEO & Founder, Gabriela Buda, a former programmer, was the Head of IT, PMO & Process department in ETS Global. The projects the organization was implementing developed along the way an agile, comprehensive and integrated methodology that ensured the success of the corporate projects.

EDIS continued improving and enhancing the methodology while working with the French teams, and the improvement is a process integrated in our daily work.

For us, the agile-scrum methodology is not about standing up every morning then attending endless meetings, while the sprint changes its scope and the end date, and only the project manager is responsible of delivery (we all experienced that in some so-called agile teams). For us, the agile methodology is our tool and opportunity to collaborate in a predictable way and make sure we improve our way of doing with every iteration. Nobody tells the team how much they must deliver in the next sprint, instead our team knows what they can do and make sure they do it, once they committed on it.

As freedom comes with responsibility, at the end of the sprint, each developer is presenting her/his work to colleagues and to the client. We can also attend the presentations of our competitor, as they are also our colleagues.

We only succeed or fail as a team, and, as you may guess, we prefer to succeed. We value experienced and very skilled professionals within our team, but of the kind supporting the others to grow rather than being The Star. We are not keen of big egos and for the ones needing to be the shining star all the time, they might be other places to work. As among our core principles we have the continuous learning and the team spirit, every time a colleague has some difficulties with a task, at least one other colleague helps. When you work in our team, you will never be left alone or behind. And despite the fact that colleagues are pausing their tasks to help others, or maybe precisely because of that, the whole team delivers on the promises at the end of the sprint and a very high % of our sprints are successful.