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Work at EDIS

As we have an integrated approach for the solutions we are creating, we cover a wider range of roles than in other companies. We are not off-shore coders of some software decided by the client, but a whole team of professionals with different skills and responsibilities conceiving and building comprehensive solutions.

If you work at EDIS you can be:

Project Manager

Product Owner

Web Designer

Dev Ops

Quality Assurance Specialist

Human Resources Specialist

Technical Architect

Software Developer

Scrum Master

Business Analyst

Business Support Agent

Team Lead

We have among us experienced programmers who joined us along the way, but also colleagues who started with us as interns during their studies and then grew with the company to become today key people.

As we value the person and the human skills over the hard skills and the CV, we encourage and support evolution within the company. We have a Product Owner and a QA specialist who started at EDIS on administrative, back-office simpler jobs and evolved into these more complex roles. This was the result of their own hard work combined with the continued support of the company’s management. They were given the opportunity and the proper environment, and they were motivated and courageous enough to convert it. These are some of the things we are the proudest of.

Whenever possible, we hire colleagues at our 2nd office located in Tarnaveni, Mures. The reason is not the lower cost, as these colleagues have the same salaries as their counterparts in Bucharest. The reason is it makes us proud to be able to create valuable jobs in a small town lacking qualified job offers. This setup requires more organization (therefore a higher cost for the company), however we are proud to give opportunities to valuable and hard-working young people that don’t have as many good job offers as people in bigger cities. The social responsibility is not some good action we do sometimes, it is a core value of our company.


Am inceput sa lucrez la EDIS in timpul facultatii acum 4 ani, ca intern, fara a avea experienta in acest domeniu, cand CEO-ul companiei mi-a propus un internship. Cu ajutorul unei echipe frumoase formata din oameni prietenosi, saritori si profesionisti m-am integrat usor si am asimilat multe cunostinte. Acum am ajuns la un nivel mai avansat si simt ca invat in continuare in fiecare zi cate ceva nou, dar in acelasi timp ii ajut si eu la randul meu pe colegii mai noi.

FullStack Lead Developer
Ioana Dicher

M-am alaturat echipei EDIS in iunie 2021 ca Helpdesk Support. De atunci sunt intr-un continuu proces de invatatare. Sunt o persoana careia ii plac provocarile noi, reusind sa combin partea tehnica cu viziunea mea creativa. Din iunie 2022 m-am alaturat echipei de programatori ca jr. developer.

Helpdesk Support, Web designer & Developer
Lucian Nazarov

Am venit la EDIS dintr-un domeniu diferit si am ales compania aceasta, in primul rand, pentru ca se lucreaza intr-un mediu international. Neavand experienta in domeniu, am apreciat cel mai mult colegii pentru ca mi-au facut adaptarea usoara si pentru ca am avut sansa sa trec prin diverse departamente. Pe langa asta, CEO-ul mi-a spus la inceput ca oamenii care muncesc serios au posibilitati de avansare aici, ceea ce m-a motivat. Astfel am muncit si am fost promovata la cateva luni dupa angajare. Acum am invatat mai multe lucruri si am responsabilitati mai mari, si apreciez in continuare faptul ca oamenii se ajuta intre ei.

Jr. Software Analyst & Scrum Master
Bianca Vrajitoru